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Michelle brings the Joy of the Lord every where she goes. She loves to pour into people, minister healing and pray. She has an amazing testimony that drives her to encourage others. Contact her to see how she might best serve your group!

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When speaking, Michelle will share life experiences, how she overcame strongholds and “valleys” by trusting in God and His word. Let her know how she might best serve you!

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Trusted Testimonials

Straight to the HEART! – A loving Embrace of truth

How refreshing … truth that dispels all the fakeness I know I was brought up with. Enjoy relatable life stories and take actionable steps – growing a real relationship with the One who truly knows our hearts. Michelle doesn’t alter the Word to fit her purposes, she seeks the Word first to determine her purpose! This book brings the loving embrace of a caring friend – helping to break off those lies we believe, that ‘easily beset us,’ but have not taken the time to really question and define. It fills us with the Truth, and gives action as to how we implement that truth – empowering and propelling us forward into freedom and peace beyond understanding! If you need a breath of fresh air that meets you where you’re at, definitely treat yourself to this!


Free In Him Ministries

Such an INCREDIBLE book about a true relationship with God!

Both compassionate and wise, Eyes Wide Open: Freedom from Religion to a Relationship with Jesus is the informative guide needed when making sense of and healing from the disorienting and hard experience of religious trauma. Michelle takes you on a powerful personal journey of her own healing from religious traditions to freedom in coming to know the Lord for herself in a real relationship. You will reflect on your walk with the Lord as you read through the pages. Michelle’s words will challenge you, equip you, and educate you.

In this book, Michelle Perzan challenges theology in the eyes of so many and brings it back down to earth. She writes about what a true relationship with Christ is while debunking the “truth” of religious traditions. This is a stunning book that will open up new conversations in the church and beyond!

Kimberly DeShields-Spencer

Behind Her Brand

Holy Spirit lead

As soon as I read the first few paragraphs I felt the Holy Spirit come over me. I was so emotional but in a good way. Somewhere between Joy and Gratefulness. The author tells her story in such a simple way, so any reader can relate. I love that each chapter concludes with a prayer for us all, 4 Pilar’s to help the reader think and pray to have self awareness of their similar struggles and battles and pray to God about it all. This book is not just about sharing her story but also helping us give all of who we are and everything we are going through or have gone through to Jesus Christ and allow Him to help us heal, be delivered and know Him for ourselves, intimately.

Jauron D. Fields

Powerful insight to Be Set Free

This is a Right Now Must Read to finally get the understanding that we are Not Who Man says we are but who Jesus says we are. You can be set free from all the lies of Religion, telling you that if you don’t conform to manmade rules you simply don’t fit in and thats not love and certainly not Gods Love. This book helped me to take the blinders off and see who God says I am and to Go to His word to get the confirmation that I need. Thank you for this Amazing book I am Free because of it!

Elisha Sampson

Eye Opening and Real!

MUST READ!!! This book is eye opening to the reality that ANYONE can have a relationship with Jesus, and that it’s never too late seek Him out, regardless of your past or your upbringing in traditional religion. I related to the experiences shared on so many levels in this book, and I really loved the prayers included at the end of the chapters, as well as the reflection questions that encourage the reader to dig deeper and ignite change. If you’ve ever wondered how to grow your relationship with Jesus, this is the book for you!

Tawna Farciert

Undone Wrship

So Relatable and much needed!

This book in just a few short chapters lead me to tears. There were examples that Michelle shares in the book that she has walked through, that were so relatable to my current situation. It lead me to break off other things in my life as I read the vulnerability and truthful passages. If you are looking for a Spirit-filled book and you need encouragement in your current situation, and to be brought back to a place of hope, here it is.

Anonymous Customer

This book is a blessing to the masses!

It’s the TIME to be empowered that the church is not a building but alive in the hearts of all believers. We GET to take the gospel to the marketplace and beyond. Michelle Perzan shares a personal and relatable story that calls heaven to earth!

Blenda Aycock

5 stars for a book that brings to light the truth!

This book is well written. I love how Michelle made every story so personal, telling her story and showing us readers the truth of God’s word. I loved the scriptures after each chapter. If you are looking for a relationship with Jesus and you’re tired of religion, this is the book to help start shifting your perspective!

Kaleigh Cortez

Worship Leader


WOW! This book is riveting! The boldness to walk in what God calls you to walk in is so powerful. Standing firm in love and truth on The Word of God is what we are all called to do. Michelle exemplifies that with Eyes Wide Open! If there is one thing you take from this review, is READ THIS BOOK!!! You will not regret it!

Amanda Garcia

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